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                Cutting sleeve type connectors
                儀表閥門  Gage valves
                管道接頭  Pipe connector
                Cylinder connector and hose
                閥組  Group valve
                減壓器  Pressure reducer
                其他  Other products
                  VCR接頭    VCR connector
                  隔膜閥    Diaphragm valve
                  EP&BA管    EP&BA tube
                  PFA管    PFA tube



                    上海漢洛珂閥門有限公司的產品: HAN-LOK卡套高壓/低壓閥門、卡套轉換接頭、儀表、不銹鋼管、高壓軟管、自動焊球閥等多種系列;已被廣泛應用于:半導體、石油、化工、天燃氣、電力、造船、醫藥、實驗室、科學分析儀器等行業,足跡遍步全球各地。

                Shanghai Han-Lok Valves Co., Ltd. is specialized in the design, development, manufacture and sales of high-quality gauge valves, connectors and tube fittings. Made of diversified materials, products are suitable for various high-pressure, high-temperature and vacuum conditions. We always attach great importance to quality and enjoy high reputation in the industry. And we insist offering customer first-class quality and quickest delivery.

                Main products: HAN-LOK cutting sleeve high/ low pressure valve, cutting sleeve adapter, gage, stainless steel tube, high-pressure hose, automatic welding ball valve etc., which have been widely used in semi-conductors, petroleum, chemical engineering, natural gas, electric power, ship making, pharmacy, lab and analytical instrument industries all over the world.

                上海漢洛珂閥門有限公司 地址:上海市松江區南樂路1276弄115號3號樓1層 郵編:201611
                電話:021-57680036/57680220 傳真:021-57680461 E-mail:Han-lok@163.com
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